Top 5 Reasons to choose React Native Development for your Business

React Native Mobile Apps Development

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source JavaScript framework that allows you to build apps for platforms like iOS and Android, all from the same code base. It’s built on the React framework, and it provides all of React’s power to mobile app development.

Is React Native Good for Mobile App Development?

1. Cross-platform Compatibility

Initially, React Native was only available for iOS, but due to its impressive features, Facebook decided to make it available for Android as well. Until now, the majority of the APIs have been cross-platform, allowing developers to use React Native to create apps for both Android and iOS.

2. Faster Development Process

One of the significant reasons to choose React Native in this competitive market is due to its faster development process. When utilizing native programming languages, used to take longer. The development teams can now save a lot of time on code compilation thanks to its “live reloading” feature.

3. Great Performance

React Native’s “bridge” approach is revolutionary when compared to existing cross-platform development options. The platform’s efficacy is based on the utilization of native modules and controls to improve performance. It works by interacting with native Android and iOS components and then generating native API codes without any interference.

4. Reusable Code

The idea behind cross-platform mobile app development is that the written code may be reused for both iOS and Android applications. The same principle applies to React Native. It is based on the idea of “write once, publish everywhere.”

5. Flexible

React Native applications may be utilized and maintained across different platforms, making it a very flexible framework. Furthermore, if one developer is working on a code, the other can hop in at any time and pick up where the other left off without any confusion.

Can React Native be Used for Web App Development?

No, React Native cannot be used for web app development but React JS developers can build web apps.

Why Use React Native?

React Native is a robust framework for all customer-facing apps that don’t rely substantially on OS-specific features and integrations, such as AR and VR, or that don’t require complex design or animations to gain a competitive edge. React Native makes them easier to develop and, for the time being, provides adequate support and modules to create a robust app.



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