Top 16 Incredible & Viable Ideas of Mobile App Development for 2023

Mobile App Ideas 2023

Mobile App Development Ideas for 2023

1) eLearning App
2) EV Charging Location-Finding App
3) Astrology App
4) Smart Parking App
5) On-demand Doctor Online App
6) Fantasy Sports App
7) AR and VR in Travels App
8) Medicine Delivery App
9) Yoga & Meditation App
10) Vehicle Servicing App
11) Pet Healthcare app
12) Food Delivery App
13) Taxi Booking App
14) Stock market App/Crypto trading app
15) Home automation app
16) Financial Planning App

1) eLearning App

The global eLearning market is estimated to reach $ 400B by 2026. This hike in eLearning mobile apps skyrocketed since the Covid pandemic disturbed the complete global education system. Furthermore, these e-Learning apps make it easy for people to gain educational knowledge for any subject without enrolling in faraway places with huge charges.

2) EV Charging Location-Finding App

People worldwide are rapidly switching to electric vehicles to overcome the conundrum of petroleum resources. This is reflected in a study by Morgan Stanley that says over a quarter of the worldwide new acquisitions would be for EVs by 2030.

  • The largest automotive sector will shift to electric by 2030.
  • The EV charging station market size is predicted to thrive at a CAGR of over 35% from 2021–2028
  • The mobile app to find a location benefits users by saving time in case of emergency and makes transactions easy.

3) Astrology App

Astrology and predictions still have a massive market even in today’s modern society. And thanks to the different technology-based innovative algorithms, that can offer personalized predictions in vernacular languages.

  • A handy astrology guide is becoming the self-care kit for the millennials and Gen Z population.
  • Astrology entrepreneurs see enduring growth with millions of dollars raised in recent times.

4) Smart Parking App

Spotting for proper space for car parking has become a situation for today’s overcrowded lanes. Thus we come up with the concept of car parking app development.

  • The global market for smart parking is projected to reach $ 11.13 billion by 2027 from $ 6.05 billion in 2019.
  • The monthly active users and installs for parking apps have surpassed the numbers pre-pandemic.

5) On-demand Doctor Online App

The global pandemic has already boosted the market for online doctor consultancy. And this will keep up as according to Statista, the global mobile health market is expected to grow in the future to cross USD 300 billion by 2025.

  • The mobile healthcare apps market is anticipated to outreach 58.8 billion by the end of 2025
  • 93% of clinicians trust that telehealth care is an acceptable option for medical care.
  • 69% of patients express that an easy-to-use technology would motivate them in booking a telemedicine appointment.



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