Avoid These 7 Mistakes Before Outsourcing Web Development

A great web project needs perfect execution. Web development is one of the most popular outsourced IT services. It is rightly perceptible as about get outsourced out of the US each year. However, the projects for web development face different challenges at some or the other step of the development cycle.

So, here arises a big question.

Is it Easy to Choose a Trustworthy Web Development Outsourcing Partner?

Well, good outsourcing partners aren’t easy to find. But, knowing the right process makes it quite easy. For any business that outsourced web development, it impromptu renders its accountability. Substantially, it is a long-term, contractual relationship that needs thorough research to hand-pick a trustworthy and accurate partner for web development.

There are several pitfalls, that you should be aware of before selecting an outsourcing web development company.

The 7 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid Before Outsourcing a Web Development Project

The following are the 7 most common mistakes businesses make when outsourcing web development:

  1. Ambiguity in the project concept
  2. Loss of Project Control
  3. Not checking for the needed skills in your resources
  4. Unplanned budget and deadline setup
  5. Not paying attention to client recommendations
  6. Reluctant communication with the service provider
  7. Avoiding official documentation

Let’s go over all the segments briefly,

1) Ambiguity in the project concept

due to the lack of clear goals in the project. This happens when you might be clear with what you want from the website, but you are unclear to understand the scope of your web project. It is equally important for both, the business and web development outsourcing company, to have a clear understanding of the project goal and possibilities.

💡 How to resolve it?

  • It is critical to provoke realistic goals and expectations from your web development project.
  • For that, you can initiate by assembling the description of comprehensive requirements with a detailed scope of work mentioned that can fulfill the main purpose of your web development.
  • The scope of work should also consider the requirement of the third-party integrations in your web project if any.
  • Here assignment of specific tasks with the project’s main goals should be subjected to specific usage or accessibility during the period of your web development.

2) Loss of Project Control

Often, businesses lose control of their web projects at the beginning when they opt to outsource. It can be dependent on the methodologies, communication, vendor’s time zone, management tools, and to coordination with the outsourcing team.

Since you have hired an outsourced web development team rather than employees. And if you don’t have full control over the outsourcing team like your on-site team, it may be difficult to maintain the level of control you desire.

💡 How to resolve it?

  • Ensure your outsourcing partners follow agile and scrum methodologies.
  • Your outsourcing team should have the right tools for managing projects.
  • Make sure to set timelines for the meetings, track KPIs and other metrics.

3) Not checking for the needed skills in your resources

Poor resource management turns up as the biggest challenge to be faced by any web development project. Several businesses specifically early start-ups, choose to pay lesser over fairly-paid skilled and experienced resources. As a consequence, they often end up in failure with a large loss of worthy time and money.

💡 How to resolve it?

  • Every single project requires a particular skill set from the service provider. This includes the technical team of front-end and back-end developers that can cover the end-to-end web development cycle, along with a business analyst and project manager.
  • Analyze the technical as well as interpersonal skills of the team. Here we present some typical skill sets to watch out for in the development team:
  • Development literacy
  • Creative viewpoint
  • Meticulous with every detail
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Ability to explain technical proceedings
  • Clear client communication
  • Technical competency

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Rajat Chauhan

Rajat Chauhan is a Manager of Digital Marketing at Ace Infoway — a leading web and mobile development company with offices in LA and India.