10+ Hottest Web Design Trends to Inspire You in 2023 [Expert’s Opinion]

Your online marketing presence relies heavily on web design. The evolution of technology makes it even more crucial.

Eventually, every site gets a little trite with time, and refreshing it with new features and trends is the best way to keep it active and upgraded.

Thereby, to keep your site ahead in this competitive sphere of marketing, we bring to you a congregation of experts’ opinions on web design trends for 2023.

So, what are the top web design trends to inspire businesses to create their next web app in 2023?

12 Top Web Design Trends For 2023, According to Experts:

1) Inclusive Design
2) Micro-interactions
3) Organic Shapes
4) More Businesses Will Adopt a Headless Infrastructure
5) Add AI to Your Design
6) Parallax Scrolling
7) Dark Mode Functions
8) Minimalistic Design
9) Mobile Responsiveness
10) Static Motion Design
11) Storyboards Are Now the Way Instead of Wireframes
12) Voice Search Feature

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1) Inclusive Design

Inclusive design is the topmost trend businesses should embrace when thinking about their next web app. What that means is making sure your web product is accessible to and usable by the widest audience.

20 years ago, the RNIB in the UK was fighting in the courts to establish laws that would force organizations to make “reasonable adjustments” for people with disabilities. The vast majority of organizations ignored that guidance for many years or paid lip service.

Fast forward to 2022 and inclusive design is more relevant than ever. Not only does it reflect the growing global acceptance that society must do more to engage and support people with disabilities. It also goes further than the accessibility movement did, promoting design for all people, regardless of background, ability, gender, age, culture, language, and more.

Whatever you create in 2023, make it inclusive!

Paul Blunden, Founder & CEO, UX247 Ltd

2) Micro-interactions

Micro-interactions, or animated gifs, are a form of subtle user feedback used on websites. An example of a micro-interaction is the color of a link changing when the mouse hovers over it. This can also be done in 2023. Because of the recent emphasis on “micro-interactions,” the same kind of experience may receive more special treatment to stand out. Picture a color gradient that gradually changes as you browse down the website or a burst of color that erupts when you click on a button. These are the types of sophisticated micro-interactions that will become more common in the future and we will see more of them in 2023 as more businesses will be leveraging them.

Gerrid Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, Joy Organics

3) Organic Shapes

The use of geometric shapes in website design was popular in 2020, but by 2023, organic forms were taking center stage. Forms devoid of strict angularity are referred to as organic or flowing. Consider the irregular and winding forms found in nature, such as hills and the banks of lakes and rivers. Rather than using hard angles and lines to divide up content, fluid shapes can be used instead.

Edward Mellett, Co-Founder, Wikijob

4) More Businesses Will Adopt a Headless Infrastructure

A headless website infrastructure decouples the front-end system from the back-end system. This eliminates design constraints that stem from templates. With a headless infrastructure, content can be displayed seamlessly on more devices — like kiosks and smartwatches. This can be a game-changer when it comes to customer acquisition.

Stephanie Venn-Watson, Co-Founder, fatty15

5) Add AI to Your Design

AI is trendy enough when it comes to web and app designing, but there are lots of areas where it can still get applied, like chatbots and customer experience enhancement. Any product can gain an advantage over its competitors and increase its effectiveness with enough AI added to the mix.

Imagine the potential of suggesting any user content for further consumption after reading a post or buying a certain article. You have to guide visitors to become leads and nurture them with valuable content, and that’s something you can get with a smart design.

Brenton Thomas, CEO, Twibi Digital Marketing Agency

6) Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is one of the hottest web design trends right now and businesses should consider utilizing it for their next web app in 2023. Parallax scrolling creates a 3D effect as users scroll down the page, making the experience more immersive and engaging. It’s also a great way to tell a story or highlight key features of your product or service. When used effectively, parallax scrolling can grab attention, build excitement, and create an unforgettable user experience. If you’re looking to make your next web app stand out from the rest, parallax scrolling is the way to go.

Lorien Strydom, Executive Country Manager, Financer.com

The Pace of Change and Design Trends

The web design industry is evolving at a much faster pace than ever before.

In the opinion of Vipul Shah, COO at Ace Infoway, we have to understand that the “typical” web user no longer exists. Back in the 1990s, A relatively small subset of the population had internet access. Nowadays, it’s far more unbelievable to be without an internet connection. Hundreds of billions of people of different ages, backgrounds, countries, and cultures use the internet, and they expect your website to appeal to them. Therefore, no one standard can meet the needs of all populations equally.

Vipul Shah, COO, Ace Infoway

He further added,

“If you want your website to be great — keep your website at the forefront of modern trends and revolutionary thinking, you can’t merely stick to last year’s ideas; you must continually monitor what your competitors are doing, study your audience closely, and pick up the latest tips and tricks.”

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